Mage: The Aftermath

She dropped the bomb on me.

Who's left behind?

11/13/11 (3xp) 1 week before bomb in bangladesh mages were dropped off at crimson hall so they could be safe. the night of nightmares hit, red star appeared, masters never came back. 2 weeks passed, chantry slowly declined, servants slowly disappeared, mages forced more and more to take care of themselves, buy food, spats got doxed while hacking into chantry corr effect to pipe music to whole building etc.. occulting ritual wore off of chantry. technocrats condemned building, mages searched donovan’s office for emergency measures. found manila envelope with 3 caches of money and equipment 2 of which are temp living quarters. techs sent deviance survey team out to measure node. survey team actions stopped and repelled, spats found, ritual enacted and occulting restored for now.



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