Mage: The Aftermath

Oops ...

11/19/11 (3xp) an hour or so after the ritual is finished, everyone is resting/ working off stress when bear arrives back to the chantry. notices some oddities but isn’t able to put it together. changes, passes through the crimson hall proper before heading out back to spar with Jesse. they spar, jesse explains tht bear missed all the fun while he was at work and lets him know what happened. bear suggests that they be a bit more careful since they’ve now alerted and tangled with the techies. bear then walks around the perimeter to check security and the extent of the warding ritual around the chantry itself. jake makes dinner, brandon passes through on the way to a job, jesse meets him in the foyer suggesting he not go alone, reluctantly brandon agrees. they make it to the warehouse for a courier drop off but some where in the process pick up a tail. just before drop off they are passed by a black sedan and duck into an ally. they try to scramble up the building before the MiBs come to check the ally but Jesse doesn’t quite make it and is seen, a chase ensues with them hopping rooftops and the mibs following on the street. at the last minute jesse boosts brandon rather than himself with a forces backed shove, ensuring brandons escape and heading off in another direction where he is unfortunatly caught up with. brandon calls the chantry. meanwhile hayley and bear have been searching for and subsequently examining the chantry’s security closet for gaps in the perimeter and coming up with a secondary security ring idea. Brandon gets in touch with hayley and explains the situation. she locates and hacks into a nearby atm camera just in time to see jesse, surrounded by inconsious bodies get struck on his head by a baton wielding swat-like guy while 2 mibs look on. Bear makes a quick call to the station to report an abduction and gives enough of a description to begin a drag net of the area in case jesse is dumped somewhere. hayley then tries to track them via traffic cams and the like but runs into interference from what is most likely a techie hacker who attemts to wrest control of the trace from hayley. she manages to maintain control and the trace in time to see the black sedan enter what looks like a federal office compound. they inform Brandon of the location to which he goes and waits outside the compound across the street while the chantry mobilizes to assist. they send the cheshire cat in for initial recon from which he returns with the report of 5 guards, jesse in the sub basment, 3 whitecoats “tinkering” with him and 1 mib (female) overseeing the project. they then make a preliminary plan before they leave for the technocracy lab (leaving misery behind). on the way, taking with her the elven rope she had drawn out previously Allie draws from their respective books 2 elven cloaks, and a pair of ruby slippers bfore she decides she perhaps pushed things a bit much for the time being and stops there. they arrive, meet up with brandon and discuss the plan. 3 will enter by stealth with the cloaks and ruby slippers (Cyril, Dakota, Brandon) while Roth volunteers to provide a magical distraction should it be necessary to draw technocracy attention elsewhere. Allie and edmund, hayley, bear, tor, spats, and Jake will wait outside as an offensive extraction team should that need arrive as well.



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