Derron Big Bear

Native American officer on the KC police force.


Derron is a Kansas City police detective in his mid 30’s. He has short cropped dark hair, a runner’s phisique and you will rarely find him without one of his many sidearms. Physically, he is obviously of native american descent, but you would never know it from his speech, mannerisms or dress.

Derron relaxed

Derron has come reluctantly into his power. He left the reservation when he was 10 and never intended to look back. Family obligations drew him back and his awakening as one of the Dreamspeakers has kept him from ever really leaving again. He is embarased by the trappings of his art and is much more at home in a squad car, toting around a gun than he is with a medicine bag and tribal symbols.

Derron at desk

He has recently had to put his magic to the forefront and has discovered that he is quite powerful, even if his scope is limited. Derron continues to work with the KCPD and has been trying very hard to balance his profession and his duties to his fellow mages at the chantry.

Derron w walkie

Derron Big Bear

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