Mage: The Aftermath

Auntie Em!

A Minotaur? Really?

12/11/11(4xp) brandon casts invis magic includes sound and smell, extends to dakota, cyril keeps the cloak.
cyril uses card to block camera at toll booth with picture image, also makes guard drowsy
brandon wall climbs booth and gets to other side, picks lock, guard goes in back to make coffee.
brandon gets inside and opens gate, cyril casts image of closed gate to cover their entrance.
slip through and get to entrance of building, brandon picks lock, they get inside.
find entrance to lower levels, cyril avoids patrol in process, brandon riggs alarm on door not to trigger.
head down stairs, rig bottom door same, dakota almost trips it but is saved by brandon.
brandon scouts floor. finds 3 patrolling guards, runs into timothy smith.
follows the MiB to closed door, finds out jesse is in there. waits for timothy to leave
props door open and charges in with cyril and dakota.
Dakota engages female MiB, cyril and brandon attack scientists working on jesse.
female mib defends and calls for alarm to sound, scientist raises alarm,
cyril targets lead scientist, guard in room fires taser at cyril
guard goes down from brandon, scientists are cowering, MiB pounds dakota a good one but goes down when she tries to heal
cyril reveals the ruby slippers, brandon clears jesse of wires and gets him to say no place like home and click heels x3
jesse disappears, the 3 exit quickly, hidden, as the guards and Timothy charge in

outside the alarms are going off and the mages prepare to rescue. haley casts a mind effect to make the guard think they’re other guards. allie summons a minotaur which charges the gate and blows it open, as well as the guard at the same time.
the party follows the minotaur which retreives the guard for eating later and glances at the party.
bear increases his size and haley suggests the monster check the building for more.
allie’s seems amazed at what she read out of a book and watches intently.
the beast approaches the glass doors as brandon, dakota and cyril reach the lobby. invisible they duck for cover.
the beast smashes the doors open and enters to stalk the halls.
the stealth team is showered in safety glass but exits and suggests they leave … now.
they do, calling the chantry to see if jesse arrived safely. misery says no and goes to search elsewhere.
minor wounds are treated in the car on the way home by bear who boosts healing rate.

once home they check for jesse and learn that allie doesn’t always know what the things she reads out of her books will actually do. they search more, bear checks last known address, brandon and haley end up at a strange room which seems to have an inactive umbral portal leading them to believe he might be in the umbra. they find misery who was apparently assaulted by apples when she searched for jesse.
they try and find a way across, bear apparently walks through the portal and just disappears, the others can’t seem to do so. allie opens a portal in the wall through ali ba ba’s cave of 40 thieves. dakota stays behind
they get blasted by the avatar storm when they cross but make it to the umbra. allie declares shes going to take a nap and wanders inside the umbral chantry.
bear meets them and leads them around the building to look for jesse. they wander into a field of poppies and one by one drop (bear, misery, and then haley) with the exception of brandon who finally realizes what’s going on and drops the temperature around himself to retrieve the sleeping mages. leaving haley and bear in an unconscious embrace.
haley wakes up and noticing misery was cold puts her in bears sleeping arms to warm up. it’s awkward when they do.
brandon forges on, following the twister in the distance with the house bobbing on top. passes the scarecrow, finds the yellow brick road.
the tornado is tearing up the munchkin town and after a moment brandon realizes the house is chasing the wicked witch of the east whose desperatly trying not to get killed “again”. he twists fate so that a piece of flying debris knocks her off her broom.
the house catches up to her and with a scream she’s smashed as the twister dissapates and the house falls to the ground.
“Sorry, it was your time.” he regretfully says to her curling stockinged feet
brandon checks inside and finds jesse unconscious and much the worse for wear. he leaves the shoes at the feet of the squished witch and leaves with jesse just as soap bubbles begin to waft down from on high.

brandon returns with jesse, bear applies what healing he can and they go to find allie and get to the portal so they can leave. holding hands to try and take advantage of what ever bear had that let him through last time, he, haley, and brandon carrying jesse with everyone else in tow try and hold hands. bear, haley and brandon, sans jesse, make it though. jesse falls on misery, leaving the others confused as to why they didn’t make it. they figure out that bear “paid” for the other two passage with his quintessance and so they search for any left. they find 2 tass and bear meditates for 2 hours to get some more at the node. once full he returns and retreives the remaining chantry members.
strangely they don’t take avatar storm damage. every one retires now about 3am to get some effing sleep but brandon slips out one last time to finish his package delivery and get back home closer to 5 in the morning.



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